Our mobile pump out service comes to you in Seattle on Lake Union, the Ship canal and out at Shilshole.

We offer you a convenient alternative to the pumpout station, and an environmentally friendly way to dispose of your waste. We rinse your tank every time – no more holding tank smell.

Just call us at (877) 786-7631. We'll have you pumped and ready for your next cruise.

Liveaboard ? We give you that empty feeling every time. Check our special liveaboard packages.

Seattle based pumpout boat underway


Prices vary depending on number of tanks, gallons, difficulty of access and size of boat (bigger boat = more hose to drag out = longer time to pump the boat)

All pumpouts include freshwater rinse(s) and re-pumping to remove solids from tank bottom.


We can make your life aboard easy. No reason you should have to worry about overfilling your holding tank - or walking to the shoreside facilities in rainy weather. We'll keep your tank empty so you feel comfortable using the head onboard.

We have standard weekly and every other week plans. If one of these doesn't fit, just call. We will invent a plan that works for you.

Prices vary based on gallons and ease of access

Marinas We Serve

We have 2 boats providing scheduled service to major marinas around Seattle. Our boats are based on Lake Union.

We serve select marinas around Lake Union and down the ship canal to Shilshole. We do not currently serve Portage Bay

As of April 1, 2019 we no longer serve the Anacortes and La Conner areas. We've sold that part of our business to Sanitaion Offloading Solutions, A Division of Anacortes Yacht Charters. You can reach them at 877-767-6862 or email info@sosanacortes.com

Ask about our schedule at your marina.



Anacortes based pumpout boat at work in La Conner