After your trip to the San Juans - or a day on Seattle's Lake Union, it's time to head home. But wait  -   What do you do with that full holding tank?     You have choices.....

  • Push the button.  (We know you'd rather not.)

  • Stop at the pumpout station.   (Everyone could use more practice docking.)

  • Come back mid-week and shuffle the boat over to the pumpout.     (Remember, this will not exempt you from mowing the lawn - or fighting Seattle traffic.)

  • Find the pump out cart and haul your special treasure around the dock.   (Dignity is overrated.)

  • Live in denial.   (Hey, eventually the stink will drive seagulls away.)

Don't like any of those?     Try this one . . .      Call Pump Me Out

Enjoy your boat, and we'll take care of the rest!

 Pumping boats in Seattle