After a great trip to the San Juans - or even just a day on Lake Union, it's time to head home. But wait  -   What do you do with that full holding tank?     You have choices.....

  • Push the button.  (We know you'd rather not.)

  • Stop at the pumpout station.   (Everyone could use more practice docking.)

  • Come back mid-week and shuffle the boat over to the pumpout.     (Remember, this will not exempt you from mowing the lawn - or fighting Seattle traffic.)

  • Find the pump out cart and haul your special treasure around the dock.   (Dignity is overrated.)

  • Live in denial.   (Hey, eventually the stink will drive seagulls away.)

Don't like any of those?     Try this one . . .      Call Pump Me Out

Enjoy your boat, and we'll take care of the rest!

Pump Me Out will empty your holding tank on Lake Union or at Shilshole Bay Marina. We do pumpouts in Seattle, Tacoma, Anacortes & La Conner.  Call us on 877 Pump Me 1 / 877-786-7631